Kaliber Gaming HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard - Black/Gray

$34.95 USD

Packed with gaming features and good looks, HVER is designed to provide everything gamers need at a price that won't break the bank.


Gaming Keyboard with Hover Key Design

Kaliber Gaming by IOGEAR is proud to announce the newly designed HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard. HVER gets its name from the open frame design with elevated keys that appear to "hover" above the brushed aluminum chassis. Packed with gaming features and good looks, HVER is designed to provide everything gamers need at a price that won't break the bank. HVER's plunger key design provides a solid stroke with that positive feel when engaged- similar to that of a mechanical keyboard. The HVER features premium double injected keycaps for durability and delivers a lifetime of performance without the key tops ever wearing off. To deliver an exceptional gaming experience, the HVER features 26 anti-ghosting keys, Windows key lockout and 7-color LED backlighting. HVER comes in two flavors, Imperial White and Black/Gray.

7-Color LED Backlight

The HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard adds a bit of flare with functionality through the dedicated lighting button. The LED key lets you set your choice of LED backlight colors Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Aqua, White or Red or select all and the backlight will slowly pulse while rotating between them. Multiple dimming levels make it easy to set the proper key illumination when gaming in low light settings.

Plunger Key Design

The HVER features an innovative key structure using low-friction POM plungers that do away with the mushiness, common to membrane designs. The result is a super-smooth, positive keystroke engagement, similar to the feel of a mechanical keyboard.

Double Injected Keycaps

The GKB704L features double injected keycap characters which will last the life of the keyboard, without ever wearing off. The double injection process means that the keycap character material is actually injected into the mold, not printed on the keycap. The key cap color material is then injected around the character to create a keycap that never wears out.

Loaded with Premium Gaming Features

The HVER Gaming Keyboard comes packed with features to take your gaming experience to the next level. HVER features 26 anti-ghosting keys. This means that the keyboard will register all your key presses even when you're mashing multiple keys at the same time, especially in those intense gaming sessions. The GKB704L also has a Windows key lock function that prevents accidentally opening the Windows menu while gaming. The heavy weighted base of the keyboard also increases stability while gaming to prevent sliding.

Feature List

  • Brushed aluminum chassis provides a solid, flex-free platform
  • 26 Anti-Ghosting keys so you never miss a keystroke!*
  • 7-Color LED backlight with adjustable brightness
  • Double injected keycap characters never fade
  • Windows key lockout
  • Plunger key design offers a solid tactile feel
  • Weighted base for added stability

*26 Anti-Ghosting keys refers to the following keys covering most 3-key combinations used in gaming: Q, A, Z, W, S, X, E, D, C, B, R, F, V, T, G, M, Caps Lock, Space, ↑(UP), ↓(Down), ←(Left) , →(Right), Tab, L-Ctrl, L-Shift, L-Alt.


  • 1 x GKB704L
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card

Product Requirements

  • Windows® 10, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 8, Windows® 7, Windows Vista®
  • USB Port


Keyboard Configuration104-Key
Number of Keys104
Numeric KeypadYes
Anti-Ghosting Keys26
Backlighting7-color LED
Keyboard TechnologyMembrane
Key Switch TypePlunger
Keycap TypeDouble injected
Hot Keys FunctionMultimedia
Windows Key LockYes
Keyboard ColorGray
Keycaps ColorBlack
Operating System Requirements
WindowsWindows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10
CaseAluminum, ABS
InterfaceUSB 2.0, 1.1
Cable Length67" (170cm)
Humidity8%~90% RH
Operation Temperature-20~50 degrees C
Storage Temperature-20~65 degrees C
Unit Dimensions
Height1.6" (4cm)
Length18.6" (47.1cm)
Depth7.1" (18cm)
Unit Package Dimensions
Height2.0" (5.1cm)
Width20.3" (51.6cm)
Depth8.3" (20.4cm)
Master Carton
Height9" (22.5cm)
Width21" (53.3cm)
Depth13" (33cm)
Master Carton Qty.6
Master Carton Wt.20.7lbs (9.8kg)
Unit Pack Wt.3.2lb (1.4kg)
Unit Wt.2.6lb (1.2kg)


So the gaming aspects of the keyboard are impressive. One of the things that many gamers will point out is the stroke of the actual key. The keys are super responsive and have a good feedback sound – without being overtly loud.

If you're looking for a sleek, industrial looking, backlit gaming keyboard, the HVER Aluminum Gaming Keyboard offers decent quality and performance at a decent price.


Type Language Release Date
Quick Start Guide English 03-30-2016
Quick Start Guide